Tyre pressure gauge
  • Tyre pressure gauge

    EVERYONE should be carrying one of these under their bike seat but they are hard to find here. Tyres at the incorrect pressure are the leading contributer to avoidable accidents in my opinion. Most punctures are quick fixed with a plug which generally results in a slow leak. Tyres under pressure excentuates tyre wear and if very low will ruin the tyre completely. Generally riders will only realise the tyre pressure is low when the bikes handling is affected and by then braking and tyre wear have been compromised.
    The bigger risk though again in my experience is when the tyre guy on the street inflates the tyre. I check my customers tyre pressures regularly and quite often they are extremely over inflated. In the event of a heavy braking application the over inflated tyre will slide not grip and away goes the front end resulting in an unnecessary accident. Front wheel washout is the cause of most accidents i see here.
    CORRECT tyre pressures for a Nouvo for example is 33psi front and 36psi rear measured COLD. Other scooters may vary slightly but not by much. I often find these over 70psi and so low they don't register on the guage. Drop by my shop and I am happy to check your tyres and adjust them to the correct pressure. For 200k you can purchase this guage and it should be used weekly to check pressures and maximise braking and handling efficiency.